Carbon Blocks

Electric Furnace Carbon Blocks Uses

And also carbon blocks uses in electrical furnace have excellent corrosion resistance and high level of heat-resistance. Carbon blocks for sale are mainly utilized to mason calcium carbide furnace, ferroalloy furnace, graphitization furnace along with other high temp industrial furnaces linings. From carbon blocks manufacturer, RS Refractory, big capacity calcium carbide furnaces adopt customized whole collection of carbon blocks, comparable to blast furnace carbon blocks.

Carbon Blocks Uses in Electrical Furnace
Carbon Blocks Uses in Electrical Furnace

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    Carbon blocks used in electrical furnace also end up being accurately processed and pre-assembled in carbon blocks manufacturer’s factory before offering to customers.

    The organic materials and production procedure flow of carbon blocks paving in electrical furnace are typically the same as carbon blocks lining in blast furnace. But, to the machining of many electric furnace carbon blocks is relatively simple. Simply to be cut flat the two ends, for the surface area processing is just not needed.

    RS Carbon Blocks Manufacturer
    RS Carbon Blocks Manufacturer

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      Physiochemical Indexes of Carbon Blocks Uses Electric Furnace

      Item Electric furnace carbon blocks
      Ash content % ≤8
      Crushing strength Mpa ≥30
      Porosity % ≤25

      Calcium Carbide Furnace Self Roasting Carbon Bricks

      Calcium mineral carbide furnace self roasting carbon bricks primary natural material is high heat treated anthracite. The manufacturing craft of CaC2 furnace self roasting carbon blocks are higher frequency vibration mould pressing. Calcium carbide furnace carbon bricks are usually used to mason huge capacity and middle capability calcium carbide furnace bottom part and melting bath internal lining.

      Calcium Carbide Furnace Self Roasting Carbon Bricks Indexes

      Item DSLTZ-1 DSLTZ-2
      Before roasting After roasting Before roasting After roasting
      Fixed carbon % ≥84 ≥92 ≥80 ≥86
      Ash content % ≤7 ≤8 ≤10 ≤13
      Residual shrinkage rate(800℃) % / ≤0.05 / ≤0.1
      Crushing strength Mpa ≥30.0 ≥30.0 ≥25.0 ≥25.0
      Apparent porosity % ≤13 ≤23 ≤15 ≤25
      Bulk density g/cm3 ≥1.6 ≥1.5 ≥1.58 ≥1.45
      RS Carbon Blocks for Sale
      RS Carbon Blocks for Sale

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