Corundum Brick

Corundum Brick is a kind of refractory product with corundum as the main crystal phase and contains over 90% aluminium oxide content. Corundum fire bricks have very high cold crushing strength that can reach up to 340MPa and high apparent initial softening temperature that is over 1700℃. Corundum refractory brick can be used in blast furnace, hot blast stove, glass furnace and etc.

Best Corundum Brick In Rongsheng
Best Corundum Brick

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Corundum Brick Sales

Corundum Brick sales is quality high temperature refractory product. It has high refractoriness and good chemical stability. Because it is manufactured with corundum as the principal crystalline phase and contain more than 90% alumina content. Corundum can resist acid and alkaline slag erosion, and also the metal and glass liquid strongly.

Properties of Corundum Fire Bricks

  • High temperature resistance
  • High compression strength
  • High dense structure
  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Strong resistance to acid and alkaline slag erosion
  • Good chemical stability
  • Good resistance to metal and glass liquid

Application of Corundum Refractory Brick

  • Blast Furnace
  • Hot Blast Stove
  • Refining Furnace
  • Glass Furnace
  • Petrochemical Industrial Furnaces
  • All kinds of high temperature kiln lining in metallurgical industry
Sintered Corundum Brick In Rongsheng
Sintered Corundum Brick
Fused Cast Corundum Brick In Rongsheng
Fused Cast Corundum Brick

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Two Types Corundum Refractory Bricks

Corundum Brick includes two types of Sintered Corundum Brick and Fused Cast Corundum Brick.

  • Sintered Corundum Brick adopts sintered alumina as the raw material through sintering process.
  • Fused Cast AZS Brick can be made of fused alumina as the raw material through process method of sintering.
  • And also can use phosphoric acid or other adhesive to make Unburnt Corundum Brick.

Corundum Fire Brick Manufacturing Process

Corundum Bricks include Fused Cast Corundum Brick, Fused Alumina Corundum Brick and Sintered Corundum Brick. Fused Cast Corundum Brick is manufactured with commercial alumina and little sodium carbonate and quartz powder fusing in the quartz powder and through process of casting and annealing, and then form the shape and size through machining.

Fused Alumina Corundum Brick is made of fused alumina particle and fines adding little fireclay and binding agent through molding by brick machine after mulling. The density of green brick is about 2.75~2.85g/cm3. After drying the bricks are fired in the temperature of 1700~1800℃.

Quality Mullite Corundum Brick In Rongsheng
Mullite Corundum Brick

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Physical and Chemical Index of Corundum Brick

Item Unit High Purity Corundum Brick Common Corundum Brick Common Corundum Brick Mullite Corundum Brick Chrome Corundum Brick
DL-98 DL-95 DL-90 MDL-80 GDL-85
Al2O3   ≥ % 98.5 95 90 80 85
SiO2    ≤ % 0.3 3.0 9.0 18 0.2
Fe2O3   ≤ % 0.2 0.2 0.5 0.5 0.2
R20     ≤ % 0.3 0.6 0.6 0.4 0.5
Bulk Density   ≥ g/cm3 3.0 2.9 2.9 2.7 3.1
Cold Crushing Strength   ≥ MPa 75 100 100 60 80
Refractoriness     ≥ 1790 1790 1790 1790 1790
Deformation Temperature 0.2MPa  ≥ 1700 1650 1650 1700 1700
Linear Change On Reheating 1600*3h ≤ % 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.3 0.2
Thermal Stability (1100℃) ≥ Times 6 10 10 20 15

Corundum Bricks Manufacturer

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