Micropore Corundum Brick

Micropore Corundum Brick as a kind of long-service refractory bricks materials for sale in RS Factory is mainly used for ceramic cup wall in blast furnace for resisting erosion. There are high quality Micropore Corundum Brick for sale in stock in RS Professional Refractory Factory. If you have requirements with Micropore Corundum Bricks for your blast furnace project, welcome to Email us for Free Quote and also can come to China for visiting our factory.

Micropore Corundum Brick - RS Factory
Micropore Corundum Brick

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    Introduction Of Micropore Corundum Brick

    Micropore Corundum Brick is manufactured with fused corundum as the main raw material and being added with special additives through exceptive and advanced technology for reaching to the micropore state and condition. Micropore Corundum Brick with various excellent properties can service as ceramic cup refractory materials in blast furnace for more than ten years.

    Micropore Corundum Brick In RS Factory - Low Price
    Micropore Corundum Brick In RS Factory

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      Properties Of Micropore Corundum Brick

      Compared with the same or similar kind refractory bricks, Micropore Corundum Brick as a kind of new type ceramic cup material has the more excellent properties and service life.

      • Excellent alkali erosion resistance
      • Good slag erosion resistance
      • Strong molten iron erosion resistance
      • Better micropore ratio

      Application Of Micropore Corundum Brick

      Micropore Corundum Brick is mainly used in large blast furnace as the strong erosion resistant materials for resistance wall & bottom of ceramic cup, blast tuyere, iron notch and slag notch.

      High Quality RS Micropore Corundum Brick In Stock
      RS Micropore Corundum Bricks In Stock

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        Micropore Corundum Brick Specification

        Micropore Corundum Brick

        Item/Index RS-MCB 1 RS-MCB 2
        Chemical Component Al2O3 ≥80% ≥85%
          Fe2O3 ≤1.0% ≤0.8%
        CCS ≥100MPa ≥120MPa
        BD ≥3.10g/cm3 ≥3.20g/cm3
        Permeability ≤1.0mDa ≤0.5mDa
        AP ≤16% ≤14%
        Corrosion Resistance To Slay ≤8% ≤6%
        Corrosion Index Hot Metal ≤1.5% ≤1.0%
        Corrosion Resistance To Alkali Excellent & No Cracks Excellent & No Cracks
        Average Pore Size ≤1.0μm ≤0.5μm
        1μm Pore Volume ≥70% ≥75%
        TC (600℃) ≤5W/M.K ≤5W/M.K
        High Quality Micropore Corundum Brick - RS Company
        High Quality Micropore Corundum Bricks Manufacturer

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          Micropore Corundum Bricks Supplier

          Find Professional Micropore Corundum Bricks Supplier – RS Kiln Refractory Company, a leading manufacturing factory in China. Advanced production technique and professional work staffs are provided in RS Factory for producing high quality Micropore Corundum Brick and exporting to many countries, such as South Africa, Chile, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Bolivia and so on. If you are interested in our high quality Micropore Corundum Brick, just Email us for price list now.

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