What are the Basic Properties of Refractory Bricks for Steelmaking?

Want to find out what are the basic properties of refractory bricks for steelmaking? You can search for various network materials. When sorting out these materials, we found that refractory manufacturers and sales companies have rich experience in this area. Next, we can have a detailed understanding based on the project cases of Rongsheng refractory manufacturers in different steel-making thermal furnace equipment. The configuration of the refractory brick lining proposed below is for reference only. Which type of refractory brick needs to be used, it needs to be analyzed according to the working conditions.

Refractory Bricks Materials for Steelmaking
Refractory Bricks Materials for Steelmaking

First of all, it is a refractory for converters.

At present, magnesia-carbon bricks are used for the furnace cap, tapping opening, front and rear faces, molten pool, and furnace bottom of the converter. High-strength magnesia carbon bricks are used in the trunnion and slag line.

The content of MgO in magnesia carbon brick is generally 70-75%, the content of graphite is 16-20%, the bulk density is 2.8-2.9g/cm3, and the compressive strength is 25-30MPa.

High-strength magnesia-carbon bricks have the same composition as magnesia-carbon bricks, but the compressive strength is 30-42MPa.

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    Secondly, refractories for electric furnaces.

    The furnace bottom, furnace slope, and molten pool of the electric furnace are integrally knotted with magnesia, or magnesia bricks combined with tar pitch are used. High-quality magnesia carbon bricks are used in hot spots and slag line areas. Both sides of the furnace door and the tapping port are made of magnesia brick and chrome magnesia brick. The electric furnace cover is made of high alumina brick or high alumina non-burning brick.

    Next, there are refractories for ultra-high-power electric furnaces.

    The permanent lining of the ultra-high power electric furnace is magnesia, the side pillar of the furnace door is magnesia chrome brick, and the slag line is magnesia brick. The hot spot area is magnesia carbon brick, and the furnace wall is magnesia carbon brick. The eccentric bottom and the molten pool are made of magnesia bricks, and the tap hole is made of magnesia carbon bricks. The electric furnace cover is made of high-alumina bricks, and the tapping hole filler is made of high-speed iron dolomite.

    Finally, there are refractories for open-hearth furnaces.

    It can be seen from the working conditions of various steelmaking furnaces that the working environment of refractory materials is very harsh. Therefore, no matter what refractory material is used, it must have the following properties.

    • (1) High-temperature resistance and high refractoriness.
    • (2) Erosion and erosion of high-temperature molten steel and slag.
    • (3) Steelmaking furnaces are intermittent operations, and refractories are required to have good thermal shock resistance and spalling resistance.
    • (4) It has high mechanical strength and can withstand the impact of furnace body tilting and loading without damage.

    Among them, special attention must be paid to the storage, transportation, and use of magnesia bricks. Magnesia bricks have lower resistance to hydration at high temperatures. Although the raw materials and products of magnesia bricks are calcined at high temperatures, they still have hydration properties. So in any case, pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof.

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