JM23/26/28 Series Mullite Poly Light Brick

Mullite lightweight bricks can be produced in multiple grades according to different operating temperatures. Generally divided into JM23 / JM26 / JM28, the use temperature range is from 1100 ℃ -1650 ℃, the proportion of each JM23/26/28 Series Mullite Poly Light Brick product is specially designed to meet different thermal and physical requirements.

Best Mullite Insulation Bricks For Sale In Rongsheng
Best Mullite Insulation Bricks

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    JM23/26/28 Series Mullite Poly Light Brick has: high purity, low impurity content; high temperature resistance, direct contact with flame (this is very important), resistance to various atmospheric corrosion; low thermal conductivity, low hot melt; high strength, and Has excellent thermal shock resistance; high dimensional accuracy, can be arbitrarily cut. As a hot surface refractory lining or other refractory backing insulation layer, it is used in ceramic kiln, roller kiln, secondary ammonia conversion furnace and other similar industrial thermal equipment.

    Mullite Insulating Bricks
    Mullite Insulating Bricks

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      Its characteristics can be seen from its physical and chemical indicators

      1. Low thermal conductivity: It has a good thermal insulation effect and can make the thickness of the furnace wall thin.
      2. Low heat capacity: Due to its light weight and low thermal conductivity, the lightweight mullite brick series accumulates very little heat energy, and the energy saving effect is obvious in intermittent operation kiln.
      3. Low impurity content: It has very low iron and alkali metal low melt content, so high fire resistance. The higher aluminum content allows it to maintain good performance in a reducing atmosphere.

      Mullite Insulation Brick In Rongsheng
      Mullite Insulation Brick

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