New High-Temperature Micro-nano Insulating Bricks

The High-Temperature Micro-nano Insulating Bricks products can solve the need for thermal insulation of the wall and bottom of various large furnaces, and the working temperature can be from 600℃ to 1400℃. With a wide range of applications, good thermal insulation performance, and high strength, the product can meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection for various industrial furnaces.

Newly High-Temperature Micro-nano Insulation Bricks
Newly High-Temperature Micro-nano Insulation Bricks

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    Main Performance Advantages and Features of Micro-nano Insulating Bricks

    • (a) Low thermal conductivity: With low thermal conductivity, it has a good heat insulation effect and can make the furnace wall thickness thinner under the same temperature condition, thus saving more cost.
    • (b) Low heat capacity: Due to its ultra-light bulk density and low thermal conductivity, the new High-Temperature Micro-nano Insulating Bricks accumulate less heat inside, making them more energy efficient.
    • (c) Good stability: With very low iron oxide and alkali metal content, its stability is better within the specified service temperature.
    • (d) High strength: Its strength at normal and high temperatures is higher than other products with the same bulk density at the same temperature.
    • (e) Low size tolerance: The size tolerance is within 0.05mm, and the dimensions can be customized according to customer requirements.

    Indicators New High-Temperature Micro-nano Insulation Bricks can achieve

    Items Index
    Model RS-WNM0.25 RS-WNM0.35 RS-WNM0.4 RS-WNM0.45 RS-WNM0.5
    BD,g/cm3 0.25 0.35 0.4 0.45 0.5
    CCS, MPa ≥0.5 ≥0.6 ≥0.8 ≥1.0 ≥2.2
    TC,W/(m.K) ≤0.1 ≤0.105 ≤0.110 ≤0.115 ≤0.119
    PLC,% ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5
    600℃*12h 900℃*12h 1000℃*12h 1050℃*12h 1050℃*12h
    Fe2O3,% ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5

    High-Temperature Micro-nano Insulating Bricks Typical Applications

    High-Temperature Micro-nano Insulating Bricks can be used as a thermal insulation layer of refractory materials, and the application includes all kinds of industrial furnaces, hot blast furnaces, heating furnaces, smelting furnaces, flue pipes, hot air ducts, and other heating and heat-generating parts.

    For Roller kilns, Tunnel kilns

    Insulating Bricks for Tunnel Kilns

    1. Application positions: Furnace walls and bottom insulation layer of the ceramic roller kiln.
    2. Substitute for the following: Lightweight clay brick, high alumina insulating brick, and mullite insulating bricks.
    3. Advantages: not easy to shrink, not easy to pulverize, performance not easy to decay, and more cost-effective.

    For Large Hot Air Ducts

    Insulating Bricks for Large Hot Air Ducts

    1. Application positions: Insulation layer of a large hot air duct.
    2. Substitute for the following: Lightweight clay bricks, high alumina poly-light bricks.
    3. Advantages: lower outside wall temperature, more energy efficiency, lighter weight of thermal equipment, and more cost-effectiveness.

    High-Temperature Micro-nano Insulating Bricks Wide Applications and Advantages

    Our technical department announced some of its performance indicators: the bulk density can be ≤ 0.4 g/cm3 and thermal conductivity can be ≤ 0.11. It can work in the temperature range of 600-1400°C. Due to these advantages, the insulating bricks’ application advantages are as follows:

    • The insulation layer of the roller kiln, tunnel kiln walls, and bottoms. It is not easy to shrink, not easy to pulverize, and its performance is not easy to decay.
    • Insulation layer for large hot air ducts. The outer wall temperature is lower and more energy-saving. Thermal equipment is lighter in weight and more cost-effective.

     1. Reduce the outer wall temperature of high-temperature industrial kiln

    The actual measured data when the wall thickness of two different materials is 300mm, the data are compared as follows:

    1. With Rongsheng lightweight thermal insulation bricks, the temperature of the outer wall is 70°C (low);
    2. With ordinary lightweight heat-insulating bricks, the outside wall temperature is 83°C (high).
    3. The difference of outside wall temperature: 13°C↓.

    Conclusion: Rongsheng’s New High-Temperature Micro-nano Insulating Bricks reduce the outer wall temperature by 18.57%↓.

    2. Reduce the weight of the furnace body of the high-temperature industrial kiln

    The actual measured data, when the temperature of the outside wall reaches 80°C, the data are compared as follows:

    1.  Using Rongsheng New High-Temperature Micro-nano Insulating Bricks, only 210mm thick (thin) is needed;
    2.  Using ordinary lightweight thermal insulation bricks, 330mm thick (thick) is needed.
    3.  The difference of wall thickness: 120mm↓.

    Conclusion: Rongsheng light-weight thermal insulation bricks reduce the thickness of the furnace wall by 57.14%↓.

    Moreover, in the compressive strength and shrinkage of the refractory insulation materials product, our New High-Temperature Micro-nano Insulating Bricks products are also very advantageous.

    First of all, we can visually experience the advantages of our new thermal insulation bricks, High-Temperature Micro-nano Insulating Bricks,  products through an experimental comparison picture below.

    Micro-nano Insulating Bricks Comparing with Fireclay Bricks

    Then, By comparing with clay insulation bricks under the same experimental conditions, it can be found that our new high-temperature insulation brick product has a complete appearance and almost no change in size.

    Rongsheng Refractory Insulating Bricks Manufacturer

    Rongsheng refractory manufacturers have been working hard to provide better refractory products for customers. Finally, we achieved a breakthrough in refractory insulation materials. Its high performance-price ratio will make it widely used in the insulation layer of more and more high-temperature industrial furnaces. Effectively reduce the temperature of the outer wall of the kiln, saving production energy and costs. Let Rongsheng help you better with the high-temp insulating bricks. For more info, please leave a message or contact us directly. WhatsApp: +86 18538312977, Email:

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