Chrome Corundum Brick

Chrome Corundum Brick for sale in RS under strict quality control, one kind of new top-grade refractory materials with high temperature performance, high strength and strong erosion resistance, is made of corundum and fused chromium oxide as the raw material, mixed with micro powder and other additive, and then through mixing, shaping, drying, sintering in the high temperature shuttle kiln. Chrome Corundum Brick is widely used for linings of high temperature furnaces or kilns in many industries of steel, building material, non-ferrous smelt, light industry and chemical industry. Free quote by Rongsheng Supplier.

Chrome Corundum Brick In Rongsheng
Chrome Corundum Brick

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    Description for Chrome Corundum Brick

    Chrome Corundum Brick is a kind of refractory bricks made of certain raw materials prepared with chromium oxide green content and aluminium oxide and then forms one kind of complex solid solution that shows green before firing and shows amaranth after firing through melting at high temperature, which adopts special refractory materials manufacturing process can improve and enhance the products’ inner quality and high-temperature property. This kind of Corundum Brick has features of high refractoriness, high strength, good thermal shock resistance and strong erosion resistance. Chrome Corundum Brick plays excellent performance of wear, erosion and spalling resistance in industries application of metallurgy, glass, carbon black and petrochemical engineering.

    Chrome Corundum Brick Properties

    • Good wear resistance
    • Good thermal shock resistance
    • Good acid and alkali resistance
    • Good chemical stability
    • High fire resistance
    • Big intensity
    • Great high temperature performance
    • Strong Strength
    • Low Porosity
    • High refractoriness under load
    • Good chemical attack assistance
    Chrome Corundum Bricks In Rongsheng
    Chrome Corundum Bricks In Rongsheng

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      Performance Analysis of Chrome Corundum Brick

      • Fire Resistance Property
        Add Cr2O3 into high purity corundum materials, which will not reduce the fire resistance of materials, but can improve the materials’ fire resistance property. Chrome Corundum Brick’s refractoriness is over 1790℃ and refractoriness under load is over 1700℃, which are all higher than high purity corundum.
      • Products Strength
        High purity corundum brick’s cold crushing strength general is 70~100Mpa, high-performance chrome corundum brick’s cold crushing strength general is over 150Mpa, its strength is higher than corundum. Because in the firing process, all form the Al2O3-Cr2O3 solid solution between particle and particle, particle and fines, fines and fines. This solid solution likes a bridge connect particle and fines, which enhance greatly the strength of materials.
      • Thermal Shock Resistance
        Add Cr2O3 into the corundum, when the Cr2O3 content is about 10~66%, the material’s thermal shock resistance will reduce with the Cr2O3 content’s increase. That is, when the Chrome Corundum Brick with low Cr2O3 content, its thermal shock resistance is better than the Chrome Corundum Brick with higher Cr2O3 content.
      • Slag Erosion Resistance
        The solubility of Cr2O3 in the coal gasifier slag (SiO2~CaO) and all kinds of glass melt is much smaller than other oxides materials. So Cr2O3 or refractory materials with Cr2O3 has good corrosion resistance to steel slag, nonferrous metallurgy slag, coal gasifier slag and all kinds of glass melt. Liquid viscosity formed by Cr2O3 melt or Cr2O3 reacting with furnace slag is higher than other low melting materials’, which prevent that the molten slag infiltrate into brick interior along with the capillary pore and avoid the structure spalling caused of forming metamorphic layer.
      Refractory Chrome Corundum Brick
      Refractory Chrome Corundum Brick

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        Physical and Chemical Index of Chrome Corundum Brick

        Chrome Corundum Brick

        Item Index
        Chemical Composition % Al2O3 ≥92
        CaO ≤1.2
        SiO2 ≤1.0
        Fe2O3 ≤0.3
        Cr2O3 ≥3
        ZrO2 ≥3
        Cold Crushing Strength (Mpa) ≥180
        Apparent Porosity (%) ≤15
        Refractoriness  (℃) ≥1900
        Modulus of Rupture at High Temperature 1250℃ (Mpa) ≥9.5
        Bulk Density (g/cm3) ≥3.25
        Reheat linear change 1600℃×3h (%) ≤±0.2
        0.2Mpa Refractoriness Under Load T0.6 (℃) ≥1680

        Application of Chrome Corundum Brick

        • Chrome Corundum Brick is widely used in zinc smelting electric furnace, volatilizezing kiln with excellent properties of thermal shock resistance and high-temperature creep.
        • Chrome Corundum Bricks are mainly used for lining of carbon soot furnace and copper smelting furnace, the skid rail molten pool of glass furnaces, and tapping platform of rolling mill furnace.
        • Chrome Corundum Bricks also can be used in highly stressed areas in contact with glass in melting tanks.
        • Chrome Corundum Brick is mainly used in areas that require high abrasion and temperature resistance, such as gliding rail bricks in steel pusher metallurgical furnaces, the tapping platform (tapping spout) style walking beam furnaces.

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