Special High Alumina Brick

Special high alumina brick is also called phosphate bonded high alumina brick, which is recognized widely used at cement kiln lining and lime kiln lining. Special high alumina bricks include two types: one is phosphate bonded high alumina brick (referred to as phosphate brick), and the binder is phosphoric acid solution; the other is phosphate bonded high alumina wear resistant bricks ( wear-resistant bricks), and the binder is aluminum phosphate solution. Contact quality RS refractory fire bricks for sale details.

Special High Alumina Bricks
Special High Alumina Bricks

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    Special High alumina bricks Properties
    Good chemical stability
    Good high temperature crushing strength.
    Excellent wear resistance.
    Good resistance to corrosion.
    Good thermal shock resistance

    Special High alumina Brick Physiochemical Index

    Item Special grade phosphate brick Phosphate composite bricks
    PT-1 PT-2 Firebricks Lightweight insulating bricks
    AL2O3, %≥ 80 75 75 55
    C + SiC, % 7.5 10
    Fe2O3, %≤ 1.8 1.65 2 1.5
    Refractoriness ℃≥ 1790 1790 1770 1670
    Bulk density g/cm3≥ 2.75 2.8 2.7 1
    Apparent porosity %,≤ 21 20
    CCS,Mpa≥ 75 85 65 5.5
    RUL(0.2Mpa) ≥ 1520℃ 1530℃ 1350℃
    PLC %(1500℃, 2h)≤ 0.1~-0.4 0.1~-0.3
    Thermal conductivity W/m·k(350℃)≤ 1.84 0.45
    Thermal shock resistance(1100℃, water cooling)≥ 30 35

    Special High Alumina Bricks Applications

    Special high alumina bricks are suitable for transition zone kiln mouth of rotary kiln and other parts that firebricks are easy to fall off, and are suitable for sintering zone. The use of special high alumina bricks in the transition zone, the service life of the bricks is basically matched with the magnesia chrome bricks. Special grade phosphate bricks are also used in mechanical shaft kiln, lime kiln, carbon industry rotary kiln and so on.

    RS quality refractory fire bricks for sale, including high alumina bricks, high chrome bricks, etc. As special high alumina bricks manufacturer in China, RS Group can provide you with price, composition, uses about the phosphate bonded high alumina bricks. For your lime kiln refractory lining and cement kiln lining, RS will be the best choice. Please contact us as soon as possible.

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