Tabular Alumina Brick

Tabular Alumina Brick is a kind of high purity alumina corundum brick for sale hot in glass furnace from Rongsheng Factory! Interested or needed? Contact us for detailed information and price list of Tabular Alumina Bricks now!

Tabular High Alumina Brick In Rongsheng Factory
Tabular High Alumina Brick
Tabular Alumina Corundum Brick For Sale In Rongsheng
Tabular Alumina Corundum Brick

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What Is Tabular Alumina Brick?

Tabular Alumina Brick is made of 99.2% high Al2O3 Tabular aluminum content, white Tabular alumina and Tabular corundum through high heat manufacturing and molding. As a kind of high quality refractory bricks, Tabular alumina brick can be the great refractory materials applied in many high temperature industries for resisting all kinds of chemistry and physics erosion.

High Quality Tabular Alumina Brick
Tabular Alumina Brick
Tabular Alumina Refractory Brick For Sale Cheap
Tabular Alumina Refractory Brick

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Tabular Alumina Brick Properties

Tabular Alumina Brick has excellent performance of high density, low porosity, high mechanical strength, extreme hardness, resistance to chemical erosion and rust wear.

Tabular Alumina Brick Application

Tabular Alumina Brick can be widely used in many high temperature industries of steel work, foundry, cement kiln, glass furnace, petrochemical, ceramic kiln and waste incineration and etc.

Tabular Alumina Brick Manufacturer

Rongsheng Company in China is absolutely a professional Tabular Alumina Brick Manufacturer. With large professional refractory fire bricks factory, complete production devices, professional engineers, advanced production technology and professional sales managers, Rongsheng as a Tabular Alumina Brick supplier can be your best choice! Want to buy or learn more information about Tabular Alumina Brick refractory fire bricks materials? Send us an Email for Details Now!

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