Ultra-Lightweight Alumina Bubble Brick

Alumina Bubble Brick is a kind of high-temperature insulation material widely used, with good high-temperature resistance and heat insulation property, and plays the role of heat preservation and heat insulation in high-temperature kilns. The new Ultra-Lightweight Alumina Bubble Brick from RS manufacturers has lower bulk density and better thermal vibration stability. The Ultra-Lightweight Alumina Bubble Brick of RS Refractory Brick Manufacturer has improved compared with the traditional alumina bubble brick in terms of product quality and use effect.

Traditional Alumina Bubble Brick

The characteristic of alumina bubble brick is that its products contain many closed pores. This structure makes alumina bubble bricks have high strength and stable porosity structure, low density, and low thermal conductivity.

Therefore, alumina bubble brick is widely used in high-temperature industrial kiln lining. For example, high-temperature kiln lining bricks for the refractory, electronics, and ceramic industries. At the same time, it can also be used for the thermal insulation layer of high-temperature thermal equipment, such as the heat insulation brick of the petroleum and chemical industry gasifier, gas-making furnaces, coal industrial reactors, and metallurgical industry induction furnaces.

Due to its unique structure and performance, alumina bubble brick has excellent performance in high-temperature environments, can effectively protect equipment, prolong equipment life, and has a wide range of market application prospects.

Ultra-lightweight Alumina Bubble Brick
Ultra-lightweight Alumina Bubble Brick

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    Index Parameters of Ultra-Lightweight Alumina Bubble Brick

    Item RS-KXQ1
    BD, (g/cm3) ≤0.85
    CCS, (MPa) ≥3
    TC,400℃ (W/m ·K) ≤0.26
    PLC (1500℃*6), % ≤1.0
    Al2O3,  % ≥99%

    Advantage of RS Ultra-lightweight Alumina Bubble Brick

    Compared with traditional alumina bubble bricks, the Ultra-Lightweight Alumina Bubble Brick produced by RS Refractory Bricks Manufacturer has the following characteristics:

    • (1) The bulk density is lower. The bulk density of traditional 99% alumina bubble bricks is at least 1.5g/cm3. Compared with traditional products, Rongsheng Ultra-Lightweight Alumina Bubble Brick can fully reduce the weight of the furnace body, save materials, save energy, and save costs.
    • (2) Compared with the traditional alumina bubble bricks with a volume density of 1.5g/cm3 and Al2O3≥99%, Rongsheng Ultra-Lightweight Alumina Bubble Brick has better thermal vibration stability.
    • (3) The thermal conductivity is extremely low, only 30% of traditional products. The traditional bulk density of 1.5g/cm3, Al2O3≥99% alumina bubble brick, its thermal conductivity of hot surface is 0.78W/(m·K) at 400℃. And our RS Refractory Bricks company’s Ultra-Lightweight Alumina Bubble Brick has a thermal conductivity of 0.26W/(m·K) at 400°C. Its thermal insulation effect is three times that of traditional alumina bubble bricks. The same thickness of the furnace layer can make the temperature of the cold surface lower and save more energy. In other words, when maintaining a certain outer wall temperature, the use of Rongsheng Ultra-Lightweight Alumina Bubble Brick can make the insulation layer thinner.
    • (4) Rongsheng Ultra-Lightweight Alumina Bubble Bricks can be directly used in the working layer of the kiln. It has strong resistance to the erosion of hydrogen fluoride in the kiln for calcining anode materials.

    Application Advantages of Alumina Bubble Bricks

    1. The operating temperature is high, up to 1750 degrees or more. Good thermal stability, the small change rate of the re-burning line, and longer service life.
    2. Optimize the structure and reduce the weight of the furnace body. Now the high-temperature resistant materials are all dense bricks with a bulk density of 2.6-3.0g/cm. The alumina bubble brick is only 1.1~1.5g/cm. For the same volume of one cubic meter, the use of alumina hollow ball bricks can reduce the weight of 1.1-1.9 tons.
    3. Save material. To achieve the same use temperature, if dense bricks are used, their price is comparable to that of alumina bubble bricks. And also need considerable weight insulation layer refractory material. If alumina hollow ball bricks are used, 1.1-1.9 tons of dense bricks can be saved per cubic meter. It can also save 80% of refractory insulation materials.
    4. Save energy. Alumina hollow balls have obvious thermal insulation properties and low thermal conductivity, which can play a very good thermal insulation effect. Reduce heat dissipation and improve thermal efficiency, thereby achieving the purpose of saving energy. The energy-saving effect can reach more than 30%.
    Rongsheng Alumina Bubble Bricks
    Rongsheng Alumina Bubble Bricks

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      Application of alumina bubble brick in rare earth calciner

      The temperature of rare earth calcination is generally between 900℃ and 1200℃. The specific calcination temperature should be determined according to the physical and chemical properties of different rare earth elements and calcination requirements to ensure the calcination effect and quality of the material.

      In the calcination process, it is also necessary to maintain a constant calcination temperature and uniform heat transfer. To avoid problems such as sintering or composition deviation of the material.

      It is recommended to use a rotary kiln or push plate furnace for calcining. These furnaces have the characteristics of high temperature, high efficiency, and good controllability, which can meet the requirements of rare earth materials calcination.

      The choice of refractory brick and castable should be determined according to the type of furnace, the conditions of use, and the calcination characteristics of rare earth materials. Generally speaking, refractory bricks should be made of materials with high purity and high thermal stability, such as alumina bubble bricks and high alumina refractory bricks. Castable refractories should be selected according to the different use conditions of different types of castables, such as low cement castables, lightweight castables, etc.

      RS Refractory Bricks Material Manufacturer

      Rongsheng new insulating refractory bricks material manufacturer is a refractory material manufacturer with rich production and sales experience. Our technical team also makes efforts to provide customers with a variety of high-quality refractory lining material products. Our refractory brick products include various working lining refractory bricks and insulation layer thermal insulating refractory bricks. Moreover, our new series of refractory insulation bricks have low thermal conductivity, high strength, and almost no shrinkage after high-temperature firing. Rongsheng Ultra-Lightweight Alumina Bubble Bricks can effectively reduce the temperature of the outer wall of high-temperature industrial furnaces and the weight of the furnace body of industrial furnaces. It can not only save energy consumption in production but also reduce the amount of refractory materials used in the insulation layer, effectively reducing the production cost of the enterprise. Contact us to get prices and samples for free.

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