What are the Precautions When Buying Refractory Bricks?

There are many precautions for buying refractory bricks, such as boiler type, physical and chemical indicators of refractory materials, etc. However, the most important thing is to find a reliable manufacturer, and the product quality of the strong refractory manufacturers is also guaranteed. According to the years of experience of Rongsheng refractory manufacturers in the production and sale of refractory materials, the matters needing attention when purchasing refractory bricks are mainly divided into the following steps.

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    First, we must know the type of boiler and master the characteristics of the furnace.

    Refractory bricks are selected according to the structure of the furnace, the working characteristics and operating conditions of each part of the furnace. Do targeted refractory bricks. For example, the slag line of various smelting furnaces (such as furnaces and reverberatory furnaces) and the lining and bottom of the following parts are mainly subject to chemical erosion by slag and metal melt. Secondly, it is the thermal stress caused by the sudden temperature change. Generally, magnesia and magnesite refractory bricks with excellent slag resistance are selected for masonry. Magnesium aluminum brick or magnesia chrome brick or high aluminum refractory brick can be selected for the above part of the slag line.

    Then, be familiar with the physical and chemical indexes of refractory materials and understand the characteristics of refractory bricks.

    When you are going to Buying Refractory Bricks, the procurement of refractory bricks requires a basic understanding of refractory fire bricks. Such as the composition of brick refractory, physical properties, and working performance of refractory bricks. As the lining of the kiln, is it possible to achieve the desired effect and better display the excellent characteristics of refractory bricks, For example, silicon bricks for coke ovens have a high load softening temperature and can resist the erosion of acid slag? However, the thermal shock resistance of silica bricks is poor. Therefore, it can only be used for coke oven partition wall, and exert the soft and soft characteristics of silicon brick under a long-term high-temperature environment.

    Next, clearly know what specifications and materials of refractory bricks you need. Know the application location of refractory bricks in thermal furnaces.

    For example, at the cyclone separator, high-strength wear-resistant refractory fire bricks should be used. The sintering belt of the rotary kiln needs to use refractory bricks which are easy to form kiln skin. For the feed inlet and safety belt, wear-resistant and chemical-resistant clay bricks should be used.

    Choosing the appropriate refractory brick products can ensure the normal operation and overall life of the furnace. The refractory brick is used as the lining of the kiln to ensure the normal operation of the kiln and the overall service life. Reasonably configure various refractory bricks used in various parts of the kiln. It is necessary to avoid the chemical reaction between different refractory bricks and melt the damage, but also to ensure the balanced loss of each part. Or, take reasonable technical measures to achieve balanced losses and ensure the overall service life of the furnace. The lining of the kiln equipped with the correct refractory bricks can not only extend the service life of the refractory lining but also increase the continuous working time of the kiln, saving the production cost for the customer.

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      Finally, we must consider the quality of refractory bricks and select the appropriate refractory brick manufacturer.

      Where to buy fire bricks? You can look for some refractory manufacturers with quality management certification. In order to ensure that the purchased refractory products meet the requirements of use, and can maintain a stable high-quality level for a long time.

      Rongsheng Refractory Bricks Manufacturer

      Rongsheng refractory manufacturer has a good reputation in the refractory industry. Rongsheng’s after-sales service and product quality are also zero customer satisfaction. In addition, Rongsheng sincerely invites customers to conduct field visits to our own factories. After the customer understood Rongsheng’s strength, production scale, production qualification, production capacity, and customer’s evaluation of the product, he was determined to place an order from Rongsheng.

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