Corundum Bricks with Long Service Life

Corundum brick is a new high-grade refractory material. Corundum bricks are a high-quality refractory material made from a variety of different corundum grades. Corundum is a material with high hardness, high strength, and high wear resistance, which has good stability and mechanical properties at high temperatures. Therefore, corundum bricks are usually used in the manufacture of various equipment and ceramic products in high-temperature applications. RS refractory brick manufacturer, can provide Corundum Bricks with Long Service Life. Contact us for a free refractory lining solution.

High-Quality Corundum Bricks in RS Factory
High-Quality Corundum Bricks in RS Factory

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    According to the different aluminum content, corundum bricks can be divided into brown corundum, white corundum tabular corundum, and other varieties. Among them, the aluminum content of brown corundum is 85% to 95%, which has high mechanical strength and thermal shock stability. It is usually used in the manufacture of refractory materials such as high-temperature furnaces and smelting drums. The aluminum content of white corundum is higher than 95%, which has high corrosion resistance and chemical stability and is widely used in the chemical industry, metallurgy, and other industries. Tabular alumina is a layered corundum material with good thermal insulation properties and mechanical strength. Usually used in the manufacture of ceramic products and high-temperature insulation materials.

    Corundum bricks are widely used in various industries such as metallurgy, building materials, and chemicals. In the field of metallurgy, corundum bricks are usually used to manufacture high-temperature furnaces, ladles, furnace doors, furnace linings, and other refractory materials. In the building materials industry, corundum bricks can be used to produce refractory bricks, heat insulation boards, and other products. In the chemical industry, corundum bricks are also widely used in the manufacture of chemical reactors, furnaces, kilns, and other equipment.

    In short, corundum brick is a high-quality refractory material with good wear resistance, thermal stability, and mechanical strength, and has broad application prospects in various high-temperature occasions.

    Is the Thermal Shock Resistance of Corundum Bricks Good?

    The advantages of corundum brick materials include high thermal shock resistance, high-temperature strength, chemical stability, and wear resistance. It is especially suitable for applications such as sintered magnetic cores, ceramic electric fuses, and insulating ceramics.

    Best Corundum Brick In Rongsheng
    Best Corundum Brick

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      In domestic production and application, products with corundum brick rigid substrates are widely used, which is mainly due to the good thermal shock resistance of corundum bricks. This performance is mainly due to the existence of a certain gap between the corundum brick particles and the matrix.

      The gap of the corundum brick can act as a “buffer zone” and can absorb a certain amount of stress, thereby avoiding the concentration of stress at the tip of the crack and preventing the crack from expanding.

      In addition, the thermal shock cracks generated in the corundum brick matrix will first terminate at the gap, which further improves the thermal shock resistance of the corundum brick.

      Therefore, the thermal shock resistance of corundum bricks is one of the important reasons for their wide application in high-temperature applications such as production.

      Introduction to the Specific Use of Corundum Bricks

      Corundum bricks have an aluminum content of 85-98% according to the aluminum content. Corundum bricks with a content of more than 95% are cast and formed and are often used in the lining of glass kilns, and the price is quite expensive. It is mainly used in the glass kiln bottom to resist acid corrosion. There are AZS corundum bricks, corundum mullite bricks and so on.

      If the corundum mullite brick is light, the bulk density is generally around 1.5. It can be used in a high-temperature insulation layer, and can also be used directly in the working layer, usually in light-duty kiln lining. Such as shuttle kiln lining and some light tunnel kilns.

      Sintered Corundum Brick In Rongsheng
      Sintered Corundum Brick

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        The use of heavy corundum bricks is very common, but it depends on the temperature and corrosion conditions of different kiln linings. White corundum bricks with a volume density above 3.0 or corundum-mullite composite bricks will be used for parts with high temperatures and harsh environments. Composite bricks combining corundum and silicon nitride are generally used for furnace doors.

        This kind of brick must have a nitriding pool, and the way of production is different from that of corundum composite brown corundum brick. Corundum bricks, corundum composite silicon carbide bricks, and corundum mullite bricks are all sintered at high temperatures. Therefore, corundum bricks are just a general term, and there are many corundum bricks of different qualities. The price is also based on different aluminum content different bulk density and different manufacturing methods.

        What Affects the Life of Corundum Bricks?

        1. Corundum bricks are easy to burst, especially when the temperature changes sharply, it will form internal stress and cause the surface to peel off and crack.
        2. The gaps between the corundum bricks are not tightly sealed, and the oxidized iron scale enters the gaps and sticks to the top, which is difficult to remove, and it is easy to cause damage by hitting with a steel hammer.
        3. The bottom of corundum bricks needs to be padded with hard refractory materials. It is not allowed to use loose thermal insulation materials for padding, and it is not allowed to pad only a part to avoid loosening corundum bricks.
        4. The “cutting” of corundum bricks by continuous casting slabs will reduce the service life. When the slabs are put into the furnace, they should be adjusted to avoid cutting.
        5. Improper expansion joints will lead to premature damage of corundum bricks and shorten the service life.
        High-Purity Corundum Brick Manufacturer
        High-Purity Corundum Brick Manufacturer

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