The Price of Light Insulation Brick per Cubic

As people’s awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection continues to increase, high-temperature industries have widely used lightweight heat-resistant refractory bricks in kiln designs, which not only maintains the concept of environmental protection. Due to the characteristics of thermal light insulation bricks, it can also greatly improve work efficiency and reduce the cost of production investment of enterprises. To get the Price of Light Insulation Brick per Cubic, please contact RS refractory fire brick manufacturer. Professional and efficient!

Cheap Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick For Sale In Rongsheng
Cheap Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick For Sale In Rongsheng

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    Characteristics of Lightweight Insulation Brick

    Lightweight thermal insulation refractory brick refers to refractory products with high porosity, small body density and low thermal conductivity, and is a kind of refractory materials. Its main characteristics are its porous structure (porosity is generally 40% ~ 85%) and high heat insulation. In terms of construction, lightweight insulation bricks are light in weight, which greatly reduces the masonry weight of the kiln. Simple and convenient construction, reducing labor intensity, improve work efficiency.

    Best Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick In Rongsheng Factory
    Best Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick

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      The Price of Insulation Brick

      There are many types of lightweight thermal insulation bricks. Common lightweight thermal insulation bricks include: light diatomite thermal insulation bricks, light mullite bricks, alumina hollow ball bricks, high alumina poly light bricks, light clay bricks, etc. Manufacturers of thermal insulation bricks give a uniform reply to the price of thermal insulation bricks: under a specific economic situation, the ex-factory price of a standard thermal insulation brick T-3 (230 * 114 * 65mm) model is from 2.0 yuan to 20.0 RMB. Due to the different insulation brick materials, the price of lightweight insulation bricks is also different.

      Lightweight Insulation Refractory Bricks
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        Price per Cubic Light Insulation Brick

        The specifications of light-weight thermal insulation bricks are generally the most common and the most purchased are T-3 (230 * 114 * 65mm) standard model bricks, which translates into approximately 588 pieces per cubic meter. Due to the different material density, the weight of each cubic light insulation brick is different. The density of commonly used lightweight thermal insulation bricks is 0.5-1.0g / cm. Then the weight of each cubic light insulation brick is about 500kg-1000kg.

        In general, the price of light insulation bricks per cubic meter ranges from several hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. If you want to customize the size of the lightweight insulation brick according to your furnace drawing, the price will be higher than the price of the standard brick. Therefore, when choosing lightweight insulation bricks, you need to determine your specific needs with the technical staff of the manufacturer of lightweight insulation bricks. In this way, you can buy the most suitable materials and save you the most cost.

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